CWF delegate profiles / Profils des délégués de la FCF

Wade Luzny
As CEO, Executive Vice-President of the Canadian Wildlife Federation, Wade Luzny is honoured to lead a national team of staff and volunteers dedicated to ensuring an appreciation of our natural world
Luba Mycio-Mommers, Ph.D.
Luba grew up in Brantford, Ontario. After completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, she eventually joined the Canadian Wildlife Federation and began a journey of developing national wildlife education programs after an amazing assignment in the Galapagos Islands
Fragile Gbego-Tossa
Fragile Gbego-Tossa Education Manager, Canadian Wildlife Federation Born in Moscow, Russia, Fragile has traveled around the world and lived in many different countries before immigrating to Canada in 2000
Grant A. Gardner, Ph.D.
Dr. Gardner is a native of North Bay, Ontario, and has always had an interest in, and passion for, aquatic biology
Yves Jean, Ph.D.
Le professeur Yves Jean En plus de participer à diverses conférences et missions universitaires au niveau national et international, les intérêts du professeur Jean portent sur des sujets nationaux et régionaux liés à la production de matériel pédagogique académique et destiné au grand public portant sur l’eau et les changements climatiques, notamment le bassin hydrographique du Saint-Laurent
Rick Mrazek, Ph.D.
Rick Mrazek is a Professor of Science Education and Associate Dean in the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones Conservation Researcher Even as a child, Sarah was always passionate about wildlife and the environment
Heather Robison
As Media and Community Relations Officer for the Canadian Wildlife Federation, Heather has been involved in a wide variety of projects aimed at building an awareness and appreciation of our wild species and spaces
George Gallant
George Gallant has worked in every aspect of the television production industry from photography and editing to series producer and production manager